Mains Test Series

Mains Test Series

Test your writing skills through our Mains Test Series that too online. Get expert comments on each question and advice  to improve quality of your answers which may prove very crucial for final selection. 

Further Details of the Course

  1. There shall be total 11 tests to be conducted on every Sunday between 3 pm to 4.30 Pm.
  2. Duration of each test shall be 90 minutes to strictly followed.
  3. Question paper shall be given through our APP Vidhi Judicial Academy.
  4. Answer sheet shall be uploaded in readable PDF format within 10 minutes of test paper.
  5. Checked copy of the answer sheet shall be sent to you through mail within 5 days i.e. by Friday 5 PM.
  6. In case you skip any test same shall be counted and test taken. Therefore, you are advised not to skip any test.
  7. Marks shall be awarded based on content, way of presentation and language used. Accordingly, remarks shall be given.
  8. Pattern of test questions shall be as followed in States other than Delhi.
  9. Following books shall be covered in test series:

1.      Indian Penal Code

2.      Constitution

3.      Criminal Procedure Code

4.      Evidence

5.      Civil Procedure Code

6.      Contract

7.      Partnership Act

8.      Sale of Goods Act

9.      Transfer of property Act

10.   Specific Relief Act

11.   Limitation Act

12.   Tort

13.   Hindu Law

14.   Muslim Law

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