CPC - Jurisdiction - Suit Of Civil Nature - Res - Sub Judice - Res-Judicata - Foreign Judgment

CPC - Jurisdiction - Suit Of Civil Nature - Res - Sub Judice - Res-Judicata - Foreign Judgment

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This micro course consists of video lectures with special notes and objective test series covering complicated topics Jurisdiction, Res Sub-Judice, Res-Judicata and Foreign Judgments for fee Rs 1999/- (discounted fee) 

Further Details of the Course:

Course consists of 30 video lectures on covering topics:


1) Meaning

2) Jurisdiction and Consent

i. A.R. Antulay V. R.S. Nayak, (AIR 1988 SC 1531.)

ii. Chief Engineer, Hydel Project V. Ravinder Nath, (2008) 2 SCC 350.

iii. Kiran Singh V. Chaman Paswan [AIR 1954 SC 340:] 

3) Lack of Jurisdiction and irregular exercise of Jurisdiction

i. Chief Engineer, Hydel Project v. Ravinder Nath, (2008) 2 SCC 350.]

ii. Ujjam Bai v. State of U.P., AIR 1962 SC 1621

iii. Anisminic Ltd. v. Foreign Compensation Commission.

iv. ML. Sethi v. R.P. Kapur, [AIR 1972 SC 2379 at p. 2385.]

v. Ittyavira  Mathai v. Varkey Varkey [AIR 1964 SC 907: (1964) 1 SCR 495,]

4) Basis to determine Jurisdiction

i. Abdulla  v. Galappa [ (1985) 2 SCC 54: AIR 1985 SC 577.]

ii. Bank of Baroda v. Moti Bhai,

iii. Ananti v. Chhannu

5) Kinds of Jurisdiction



1) Conditions

2) Suit of civil nature--- Meaning

i. Nature and scope

ii. Sinha Ramanuja v. Ranga Kamanuja, AIR 1961 SC 1720:

iii. Most Rev. P.M.A. Metropolitan v. Moran Mar Marthoma , [1995 Supp (4) SCC 286: AIR 1995 SC 2001.]

3) Cognizance not barred

4) Suits expressly barred

5) Suits impliedly barred

6) Who may decide?

7) Presumption as to jurisdiction

8) Burden of proof

9) Exclusion of jurisdiction: Limitations

i. Secy. of State v. Mask & Co.[AIR 1940 PC 105:]

ii. Firm Seth Radha Kishan v. Administrator, Municipal Committee, Ludhiana [AIR 1963 SC 1547: (1964) 2 SCR 273.]

10) General Principles



1) Nature and scope---

2) Object----

3) Conditions----

4) Two suits---

5) "Matter in issue"

6) Suit pending in foreign court---

i. Union of India v/s. Promod Gupta, (2005) 12 S.C.C 1,

ii. Pukhraj D. Jain v. G. Gopalakrishna,  AIR 2004 SC 3504.

iii. Radha Devi v. Deep Narayan, (2003) 11 SCC 759

7) Inherent power to stay----

i. ]ado Rai v. Onkar Prasad, AIR 1975 All 413; 

ii. P.V. Shetty v. B.S. Giridhar, (1982) 3 SCC 403: AIR 1982 SC 83.

8) Consolidation of suits

i. Indian Bank v. Maharashtra State Coop. Marketing Federation Ltd., AIR 1998 SC 1952.

9) Contravention: Effect---

i. Pukhraj D. Jain v. G. Gopalakrishna, (2004) 7 SCC 251: AIR 2004 SC 3504;

10) Can one of the two cross-suits be stayed?



1) Meaning--- Satyadhyan Ghosal v. Deorjin Debi  [AIR 1960 SC941:]

2) Section 11

3) Conditions of Res Judicata

4) History

5) Extent and Applicability

6) Res Judicata and Rule of Law

7) Res Judicata and Res Sub Judice

8) Res Judicata and Estoppels

9) Res Judicata and Stare Decisis

10) Res Judicata and Splitting of Claims

11) First Condition - matter directly and substantially in issue: Explanation III

12) Constructive Res Judicata (Explanation IV)-- Difference between Direct Res Judicata and Constructive Res Judicata. 

i. Workmen v. Board of Trustees, Cochin Port Trust, (1978) 3 SCC 119

ii. State of U.P. V. Nawab Hussain  [Air 1977 Sc 1680.]

iii. Forward Construction Co, v. Prabhat Mandal (Regd., [AIR 1986 SC 391.]

iv. Devilal Modi v. STO [AIR 1965 SC 1150]

13) "Matter directly and substantially in issue" and "matter collaterally or incidentally in issue": Distinction

14) Findings on several issues

15) Findings on matter not in issue

16) "Suit": Meaning -- Hansraj Gupta v. Official Liquidators of The Dehra Dun-Mussoorie Electric Tramway Co. Ltd.

17) Meaning of Former Suit: Explanation I 

18) "Issue": Meaning -- Issues of fact;  Issues of law; and  Mixed issues of law and fact. 

i. Mathura Prasad v. Dossibai N.B. Jeejeebhoy [(1970) 1 SCC 613 at p. 617:]

ii. Avtar Singh v. Jagjit Singh [(1979) 4 SCC 83: AIR 1979 SC 1911.]

19) Second Condition-- Same Parties

i. Res Judicata Between Co-Defendants

1. Cottingham V. Earl of Shrewsbury

2. Mahboob Sahab V. Syed Ismail  Air 1995 Sc 1205.

ii. Res Judicata Between Co-Plaintiffs

1. Iftikhar Ahmed v. Syed Meharban Ali, AIR 1974 SC 749 at p. 751.

iii. Res Judicata on Pro Forma Defendant.

iv. Res Judicata on Interveners.

v. Res Judicata on Minors.

vi. "Parties under whom they or any of them claim"--- meaning and application of Res Judicata

vii. Res Judicata in case of Representative Suit: Explanation VI

20) Third Condition --  Same Title --- Meaning

21) Fourth Condition -- Competent court (explanation VIII & II)

i. Competent court; Meaning: Explanation VIII---

ii. Types of courts--

iii. "Court of Limited Jurisdiction"

1. Nabin Majhi v. Tela Majhi [AIR 1978 Cal 440; 82 CWN 1097: (1978) 2 Cal LJ 150;]

2. P.V.N. Devoki Amma v. P.V.N.Kunhi Raman, [AIR 1980 Ker 230 (233): 1980 Ker LT 690.]

3. Sulochana Amma v. Narayanan Niair. [(1994) 2 SCC14: AIR 1994 SC152.]

4. Church of South India Trust Assn. v. Telugu Church Council [(1996) 2 SCC 520: AIR 1996 SC 987.

22) Fifth Condition: -- Heard and finally decided

i. Necessity of decision--

ii. Finding on more than one issue

iii. Right of appeal

iv. Relief claimed but not granted: 'Explanation V

V. Foreign Judgment (S. 13 & 14 CPC)

1) Section 13 When foreign judgment not conclusive.

2) Section 14 Presumption as to foreign judgments.

3) Satya v. Teja Singh, AIR 1975 SC 105--

4) R. Viswanathan v. Rukn-ul-Mutk Syed Abdul, AIR 1963 SC

5) Gurdyal Singh v. Rajah of Faridkot [(1895) 22 Cal 222 (PC):

6) Narasimha Rao v. Verikata Lakshm , [(1991) 3 SCC 451.]

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