Hybrid Offline and Online Foundation Course for Judiciary

Hybrid Offline and Online Foundation Course for Judiciary

This is very special course having unique blend of offline and online classes. Participants of this course will be trained in such a way that they achieve highest degree of concept clarity even if they have poor background of college studies and ultimately get selected in the very first attempt itself as far as possible.

Basic Philosophy and Aim

It is our experience that most of the students, who aspire to become judge, have poor schooling and college study background for any reason and did not study law, as was expected, during their college studies, particularly in doing LL.B.

It becomes very difficult for them to understand the typical concepts and technicalities of law which is required for qualifying the judiciary exams. Even if they join any coaching, they get frustrated midway and loose the focus. Study become a burden for them with the passage of time. Sometimes a stage comes, that they start searching an alternative carrier either in teaching or advocacy.

Further, they have to live in Delhi for longer period which increase financial burden. This all happens because none of coaching institute is providing holistic solution to their problem. Some of the well-established institutes are only interested in making money forcing students to take class in much bigger gathering. Some are providing coaching below standard offering cheaper fee solutions. In both situations, students remain perplexed, confused, and frustrated.

We are offering solution to all the problems of the students discussed above through above named Foundation course. The aim of this programme is to provide a genuine solution of all the problems of the students, provide very good quality coaching covering basic to advanced classes required to qualify the exam and help students to achieve their goal of becoming Judge in minimum possible time.

Details of the Course

  1. This course is the perfect combination of offline Classes, Live interactive and Video Classes. As name suggests, course shall be covered through above three modes i.e. offline Classes, Live interactive and Video Classes.
  2. This programme is the perfect blend of Gurukul way of learning and Modern technological tools of learning. This programme is guided by Gurukul way of learning in the sense that if focuses on maximum hard work in disciplined manner for longer duration. Way of teaching incorporates use of modern technology to easy everything for the students.
  3. This course consists of covering the syllabus and self-study cum practice sessions under supervision of associate mentors.
  4. Foundation building classes shall be taken by the Associate Mentors in offline mode. Associate mentors will deal the subject from the very basics and try to build the concepts.
  5. A significant part of the course shall be covered by video lectures of Director Sir. You will be covering these lectures in presence and supervision of Associate Mentors so that any confusion or doubt can be resolved then and there.
  6. Basic concepts building will be done through Foundation Building Classes by Associate mentors, Video Classes of Director Sir, Live Interactive Classes of Director and Associate Mentors, and repeated objective tests.
  7. Once basic concepts are cleared, advanced classes on each subject shall be taken by Director Sir focusing on typical legal concepts, Main’s answer writing classes and practice thereof. Classes of Director Sir shall be offline as well Online Live Interactive as per need. Mostly Mains Answer Writing Classes will be online live Interactive classes so that answers of the students may be checked live for the benefit of all the students. Director Sir will personally interact with students before and after the live class.
  8. Emphasis of this programme is the selection of the student not only just covering the syllabus.
  9. Pattern of the programme and execution thereof will be different from any other coaching institute. Therefore, there will be no comparison with them in any respect. This programme is based on entirely different approach, philosophy and aim which is final selection not just covering the syllabus.
  10. Medium of teaching shall be bilingual but Notes shall be provided only in English. We may try to provide some notes in Hindi, but that’s not a binding promise on our part. 

Schedule of Classes.

There shall be five days per week classes schedule subject to minor variations

Ist Class-       9.00 am – 11.00 am --- Foundation Building Classes

IInd Class  --   11.30 am – 1.00 Pm – Advanced Classes / Foundation Building Classes

III rd Class --  2.00 Pm – 5.00 Pm --- Self Study / Video Classes/ Practice sessions/

IV th Class -   5.45 Pm -  8.30/ 45 Pm – Live Classes


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