This course consists of Live Interactive Classes for CLAT Entrance Examination  to be held for admissions for academic year 2023-2024.



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Further Details of the Course:

➲ Course consists of highly interactive live classes on entire course required to be completed for qualifying CLAT Entrance. 

➲ Classes shall be held 7 days per week.

➲ Subject wise Study materials shall be provided to students . Notes shall also be dictated in class as per requirement of the topic.

➲ Duration of the Course: Duration of the Course shall be upto the Entrance Exam whenever it takes place.   

➲ Pattern of teaching shall be strictly as per requirements of CLAT Entrance Examination.

➲ You will be guided as per well formulated strategy ensuring success in upcoming exam.  

Syllabus to be covered:

  1. Legal reasoning
  2. Quantitative aptitude 
  3. Current affairs/GK
  4. English
  5. Analytical reasoning

➲ You need to download mobile App Vidhi Judicial Academy from Google Play Store for accessing this course. Thereafter, you need to create your account, which is free, by signing up and creating a login Id, which should be your email Id.

➲ In case of any dispute, Courts of Delhi shall have the jurisdiction to adjudicate. 

➲ In case there is any difficulty, you may contact on WhatsApp at 9205988280. 

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