Why Choose Us

Because we do care for the feelings and dreams of our students. We do our best to fulfill their dreams. We believe that a student not only gives us fee but also huge responsibility by reposing faith in us from the day one he along with his family members start dreaming high that one day he will be judge. We, at VIDHI take it as our most pious duty to ensure that his dream is full filled and that to in minimum possible time. We are different from others because success of our students is an emotional issue for us. Besides above, we are the best in planning. We plan different strategies for exams conducted by different states not only this, we plan the whole syllabus in such a way that burden of the students lesioned by about 70%. We must have well thought and researched strategy not only for each and every book but also for each chapter of such book. Different strategies are adopted for Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Further we have the privilege of guidance of Mr. Vijandra Sir. Who has vast, extensive, practical experience of Judicial Services PCS(j) Exams. Till recently he has been working as Public Prosecutor in the Directorate of Prosecution G.N.C.T. Delhi and therefore enjoys the advantage of practical application of the law in Courts.We are not the part of crowd seeking Coachings seeking as many as students for the sole purpose of revenue generation. Our priority is different. For us, interests of the students are supreme. That’s why we have decoded that we not give admission any one coming with fee. Admission in “VIDHI” is subject to interview. We need the student who is whole-heartedly dedicated to his dream of becoming Judge.